Android User Malware Alert!

Recently, a new vulnerability on certain Android devices was brought to the light by security researchers. The operating system your smartphone is running may be vulnerable to USSD commands that could potentially wipe your entire phone.

McAfee recommends you take the following steps to ensure you are protected

  1. First, test whether you are vulnerable by clicking here: USSD vulnerability test
  2. If your IMEI (a 14 to 16 alphanumeric code) shows up, your device is vulnerable. Otherwise, you will only see *#06# on your dialer screen.
  3. If your device is vulnerable, update your device with the latest software updates provided by your device manufacturer
  4. If it shows you are still vulnerable, visit Google Play to download the free McAfee Dialer Protection app
  5. Once installed, your device is safe from running unauthorized USSD commands even if your Android version is vulnerable

Who is affected?

Any phone running Android v4.1 or lower is potentially at risk.