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McAfee Mobile Security is the industry-leading mobile security solution that gives you confidence to explore everything the new mobile world has to offer, and do it safely. When you select new apps, shop online, browse social networks, or use your phone for banking and payments, McAfee Mobile Security is there to protect you. It’s comprehensive security that’s as simple as it is powerful.

McAfee Mobile Security for BlackBerry is available at USD29.99 with a 1-year subscription.


Securely back up your personal information such as photos, videos, SMS, contacts, and call logs to the cloud. Use the simple web portal to manage your phone and backed-up data, and find your phone. McAfee gives you complete control over the air anytime, anywhere.


Protect against viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, and botnets by scanning installed apps, messages, memory card, and more. Based on McAfee's award-winning anti-malware and backed by over 400 Global Threat researchers at McAfee Labs, McAfee protects against malware and unwanted applications.


Easily filter out spammers, incorrect numbers and unwanted acquaintances. Automatically block unknown calls.


McAfee let you lock your mobile device in the event of loss or theft, even when another SIM card is inserted. This limits unauthorized access and makes the device useless to a thief.

You can set a message or trigger an alarm on the device to help you recover it.


Locate and track your lost mobile device. Track inserted SIM cards and phone calls to recover your lost device. Once McAfee detects the insertion of a new SIM card, your designated buddy will get a SMS alert so you can recover your device. In addition, McAfee Mobile Security lets you track the current location of your device and even plot it out on a map.


Make sure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If your smartphone is gone for good, wipe your data including contacts, text messages, photos and videos. You can even wipe the SD card – all quickly and easily over the web. You can always retrieve your data via the online web portal.

Operating Systems

BlackBerry OS 4.5
BlackBerry OS 4.6
BlackBerry OS 5.0
BlackBerry OS 6.0
BlackBerry OS 7.0

Does McAfee Mobile Security run on my BlackBerry device?

McAfee Mobile Security runs on major mobile device platforms including Google Android, BlackBerry and Symbian.

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